3MC Course on Climate Modeling

Postgraduate Course:

Waves in the Atmosphere and Oceans

12-16 December 2022, NWU, Potchefstroom








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This school was supported by a grant from the IMU-CDC Conference Support Program, which is partially supported by the Abel Board.


Summary: Waves in the Atmosphere and Oceans Abstract/Summary: Weather and climate variability  often appear as wave disturbances occurring on multiple temporal and spacial scales ranging from minutes to decades and from metres to tens of thousands of kilometres, due primarily to the fluid nature of our Earth’s atmosphere and its oceans. Such waves  occur as a manifestation of instabilities in the equilibrium between external forces acting on these fluids, such as the solar heating and Earth’s rotation, and internal dynamics and thermodynamics. The mathematical studies of these phenomena are of paramount importance for our understanding of the consequences of climate change and for our ability to make future predictions. The mini-course on “Waves in the atmosphere and oceans” will introduce the basic theoretical concepts of waves and wave dynamics, and basic flow instabilities in geophysical fluids. The pre-requisites are basic knowledge of vector calculus and linear algebra PLUS an introductory course in PDEs or fluid mechanics.


Invited lecturer: Prof Boualem Khouider (University of Victoria, Canada)


Registration deadline: 16 September


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Scientific Committee:tee:

  • Sanne Ter Horst (North-West University, South Africa)

  • Boualem Khouider (University of Victoria, Canada)

  • Mahamat S Daoussa Haggar (University of N'Djamena, Chad)

  • Patrick M Tchepmo Djomegni (North-West University, South Africa)