Undergraduate study: 4 year BSc 

Urban and Regional Planning is a 4 year degree only offered full time.  Each curriculum is compiled according to our stringent quality standards to ensure that your study with us will meets international standards and expectations.  To read more about the curricula we offer, please refer to our  yearbook or see the information under "Modules" on the menu.  This  degree is a professional SACPLAN accredited undergraduate programme.


Postgraduate study

Furthering your study: Completing an MSc or PhD 
The benefits of completing the four year undergraduate degree will enable you to further your study to an MSc and later a PhD.  It also offers you a deeper level of knowledge and experience pertaining to your study programme which will prove beneficial to your future employer.  

This school has produced some excellent students and has the added benefit of having experts included among its academics including the School director which has been accepted as a member of ASSAF.  Please see our NWU Experts section.