Career Possibilities in Urban and Regional Planning

Rapid development and growth of the South African populace offers the Urban and Regional Planner the opportunity to play an integral part in the development of affordable housing and effective infrastructure.  The Urban and Regional Planner works in a multi-disciplinary milieu which translates into interaction with a wide variety of built environment related vocations.  Urban and Regional Planning was also identified by the Department of Higher Education and Training as one of the “five priority skill areas” in South Africa as well as one of the “hundred scarce skills” in South Africa.


Among others, here are some examples of organisations where Planners work:

  1. Government institutions - National and Provincial departments, local municipalities, Development Agencies
  2. Private sector - Corporate environment (e.g. Vodacom, MTN, ABSA, AngloGold etc.), Private consultancy firms (Town Planners), Architects, Land surveyors, Engineering companies, Estate Agents, Developers and other related built environment professions
  3. Research institutions and Universities