Mrs Carina van der Merwe

  Administrative Assistant
  +27 18 299 2486
  Building E4, room G18, Potchefstroom
  National Diploma (Managerial Assistant)
  Co-ordination of events and conferences

  Prof Ernst Drewes

  +27 18 299 2543
  Building E4, Room G25, Potchefstroom
  PhD Urban & Regional Planning
  Regional Policy; Land Use Management; Regional Economics; Planning Law

  Mr Jako Viviers

  +27 82 775 5293
  Building E4, Room G30, Potchefstroom
  MSc Urban and Regional Planning
  New Urbanism, Green Urbanism, New Ruralism, Multifunctionality, Rural Landscapes, Urban Design

   Dr Karen Puren

  Senior Lecturer
  +27 18 299 2545
  Building E4, room G28, Potchefstroom
  MURP (Masters in Urban and Regional Planning); B Arch Stud (Architecture)
   Urban design; qualitative research; community participation in planning; planning theory

  Ms Selna Cornelius

  +27 83 638 2078
  Building E4, Room G28, Potchefstroom
  MSc Urban and Regional Planning
  Participatory and community-based planning, Informal settlement development, co-production and insurgent planning