School of Biological Sciences - Honours - Aquatic Ecosystem Health


Research topics in Aquatic Ecosystem Health

  • Algae research: water quality and purification
  • Diatoms and desmids: taxonomy and biomonitoring
  • Aquatic microbiology
  • Persistent organic pollutant and other toxicants
  • Water research: ecology and ecotoxicology

Researchers in Aquatic Ecosystem Health

Prof Sanet Janse van Vuuren (back to top)

  • Freshwater algae ecologist and taxonomist
  • Ecology of phytoplankton populations


Prof Sandra Barnard (back to top)

  • Freshwater
  • Monitoring
  • Water quality
  • Water purification
  • Algal eco-physiology and molecular ecology


Dr Arthurita Venter (back to top)

  • Taxonomy of cyanoprokaryotes
  • Water purification


Prof Jonathan Taylor (back to top)

  • Freshwater diatom ecology and biomonitoring
  • Diatom taxonomy and study of museum specimens
  • Diatoms from extreme environments
  • Marine and near-shore diatoms


Dr Anatoliy Levanets (back to top)

  • Biogeography of freshwater and soil algae 
  • Ecology of freshwater and soil algae 
  • Desmid taxonomy and diversity


Prof Corrie Wolmarans (back to top)

  • Quality of surface waters in South African rivers
  • Diversity of macroinvertebrates
  • Physico-chemical factors in water and sediment as well as sediment minerals and metals
  • Study the process of phytoremediation by making use of an artificial wetland 


Prof Henk Bouwman (back to top)

  • Persistent organic pollutants
  • Metal pollution
  • Plastics and microplastics
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Birds, crocodiles, fish, sediments, algae
  • Corals, turtles, fish, zoo-plankton, dolphins, snails
  • Oceanic coral reef islands


Prof Rialet Pieters (back to top)

  • Endocrine disruption
  • Bio-assays to identify mechanisms of actions of chemical pollutants
  • Tissue cultures: reporter gene luminescence assays; viability assays; real-time growth curves
  • Chemical extraction and clean-up of environmental matrices
  • Instrumental quantification of selected organic compounds
  • Youtube


Prof Carlos Bezuidenhout (back to top)

  • Antibiotic and metal resistance
  • Ground and drinking water studies
  • Microbial water quality
  • Diversity and properties of indicator bacteria


Dr Jaco Bezuidenhout (back to top)

  • Antimicrobial and resistance to antimicrobials
  • Data processing and modelling
  • Sanitation and bio-energy


Dr Charlotte Mienie (back to top)

  • Microbial molecular diversity
  • Whole genome sequencing
  • Bioinformatics


Dr Lesego Molale-Tom (back to top)

  • Water
  • Sanitation and health
  • Molecular biology


Dr Wynand Malherbe (back to top)

  • Riverine and wetland ecology
  • Aquatic invertebrates and fish
  • Ecological assessments and biomonitoring


Dr Kerry Malherbe (back to top)

  • Marine parasitology
  • Parasitic crustacean biodiversity
  • Parasitic isopod taxonomy
  • Morphological and molecular characterisation


Prof Victor Wepener (back to top)

  • Nano-ecotoxicology
  • Estuarine and marine ecotoxicology
  • Socio-ecological assessments of multiple stressors
  • Ecological risk assessment


Prof Nico Smit (back to top)

  • Aquatic Ecology
  • Wildlife Parasitology

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