School of Biological Sciences - Honours - Biodiversity and Conservation Ecology


Biodiversity and Conservation Ecology:

  • Fields of specialisation
    • Conservation
    • Biomonitoring
    • Systematics


Researchers in Biodiversity and Conservation Ecology



Prof Sandra Barnard (back to top)

  • Phylogenetic relationships
  • Meta-barcoding
  • Molecular ecology


Prof Stefan Siebert (back to top)

  • Conservation of rare and endemic species and communities.
  • Biomonitoring of rural and urban agro-ecosystems.
  • Systematics of edaphic specialists.


Dr Frances Siebert (back to top)

  • Community ecology
  • Vegetation dynamics
  • Forb Ecology



Prof Che Weldon (back to top)

  • Geographic information systems
  • Herpetology
  • Coral reefs


Prof Louis du Preez (back to top)

  • African Amphibian Conservation Research Group focuses on: (Website)
    • Amphibian conservation and systematics.
    • Bullfrog behaviour
    • Chemical compounds in amphibian skin secretions
    • Amphibian parasite diversity
    • Global threat posed by invasive parasites of amphibians and freshwater turtles
    • Amphibian chytrid fungus


Prof Henk Bouwman (back to top)

  • Bird ecology
  • Bird feather parameters
  • Reptile and avian eggshell parameters
  • Impacts of disturbances on biodiversity patterns
  • Associations of biodiversity with plastics
  • Marine biology


Dr Courtney Cook (back to top)

  • Blood parasites (Apicomplexan and Haemoflagellate) of reptiles and freshwater and marine fishes
  • Morphology and molecular phylogeny in descriptions of unknown and known species to determine taxonomy, modes of transmission and phylogenetic relationships of these organisms
  • Ecology (life cycle elucidation, host preference and distribution of blood parasite species)
  • In collaboration with Arkansas State University, USA, the biodiversity and ecology of marine fish blood parasites of the eastern Caribbean and Philippines


Dr Madeleen Struwig (back to top)

  • Plant taxonomy
  • Plant systematics
  • Curator of the North-West University Herbarium


Prof Oriel Thekisoe (back to top)

  • Ecto- and endoparasites of zoonotic importance
  • Population genetics
  • Bioinformatics
  • Drug efficacy and resistance studies



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