Student Projects

During the second semester of the MSc BMI degree, students are required to solve a real business problem for a company in the financial services sector. BMI students are well trained in solving risk quantification problems. By focusing on integration of training we deliver highly qualified students who become greatly sought after in the industry.  Our students are accommodated by corporate clients such as: Absa, Stanlib, Ernst & Young, Investec, Transunion and Barclays (London), to mention a few, during this six month period.

Information on these projects

During this six months, the students are required to apply their knowledge and skills in solving a real problem for the company, under the joint supervision of both a BMI academic supervisor and an industry project officer, with the dual requirement that value is added to the company as well as demonstrating the ability to conduct academic research commensurate with a masters level. This process is well-structured and managed according to a meticulously-articulated methodology that has proven to be very popular in the industry. This process has several benefits, amongst others, that students find work easily, and with the inputs from industry, the projects result in highly relevant research outcomes. BMI students are highly regarded by industry as seen in the statements made by prominent executives (see the Quotes section at the end of the page). Since its inception, the Centre for BMI has produced 327 MSc students, each of whom has delivered an  industry directed research reports. Most of these reports were evaluated very positively by industry as adding direct business value (85% of these were rated as higher than 3 out of 5 on a 5-point scale). The programme delivers about 35 MSc students to industry each year. Another statistic indicative of the popularity of the programme in industry is that the number of project requests received from industry each year, outnumbers the available students at a ratio of almost 2:1.



“My experience of BMI graduates is that they compare favourably with the best graduates that we employ from Universities in the UK.”

Ian Wilson
Head of Wholesale Credit Risk Measurement: Group Risk, Barclays, London


“I believe that this program has bridged a significant gap between very theoretical research and business reality. The success of candidates in getting jobs with the institutions with whom they have done their research projects clearly indicates how institutions value the project output but just as importantly that they know that they are employing individuals who can add value from day one“

David Hodnett
Deputy CEO: Barclays Africa Group


“The Centre for BMI hits the sweet spot between academic excellence and practical business skills. Due to this mix we find that BMI graduates are not only bright but hit the ground running with practical business skills. In short industry enjoy excellent productivity from day one and BMI graduates have an accelerated career path.”

Pravin Burra
(FASSA) Director Capital Markets: Deloitte & Touche


“SAS Institute believes that the world leading programmes at BMI deliver superior professionals to our customers. The core of this success is found in the quality of their students, teaching and leadership.”

Murray de Villiers
General Manager: Middle East & Africa Regional Academic Program, SAS.


Industry clients

The current agreements with industry partners Barclays Africa and SAS are not exclusive in nature. This enables similar agreements with their competitors, allowing BMI to broaden its customer base and service offering to the risk industry. 
Although the Centre is supported by Barclays Africa and SAS, the Centre for BMI has always prided itself on its independence. For example:

  • BMI graduates are available and have been provided to all companies that may need their skills.Industry directed research projects have been done for a number of other clients.
  • BMI applied research projects have been carried out predominantly for Barclays Africa, but also for other banks.
  • Although the Centre is supported by Barclays Africa and SAS, the Centre for BMI has always taken pride in its independence.
  • BMI has a strong working relationship with BASA (the Banking Council of South Africa) in its research programme and also involves other universities in their directed research.

Below find a list of some of the clients that made use of the services provided by the Centre:

  • Alexander Forbes Insurance Co.
  • Andile (Pty) Ltd.
  • Capitec Bank Holdings Ltd.
  • Deutsche Bank AG.
  • Ernst & Young Global Ltd.
  • HSBC Bank PLC.
  • IQ Group.
  • JD Group Limited
  • KPMG Services (Proprietary) Ltd.
  • Liberty Group.
  • MMI Holdings Ltd.
  • Monocle Solutions (Pty) Ltd.
  • Mutual & Federal Insurance Co. Ltd.
  • Neo Laboratories Co. Ltd.
  • OUTsurance Insurance Co. Ltd.
  • Rand Merchant Bank.
  • Santam.
  • South African Reserve Bank.
  • Stanlib.
  • Telkom SA SOC Ltd.
  • TransUnion Credit Bureau (Pty) Ltd.
  • Truworths.
  • True North Partners South Africa (Pty) Ltd.
  • Algorithmics (SA) (Pty) Ltd.
  • Barclays Bank PLC.
  • Experian Information Solutions Inc.
  • Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Ltd.
  • First National Bank, a division of First Rand Bank.
  • Investec.
  • IQ Risk.
  • King Price Insurance Co. Ltd.
  • Lendex Group Ltd.
  • Lloyds Bank PLC.
  • Momentum, a division of MMI Group Ltd.
  • MTN (Pty) Ltd.
  • Nedbank Ltd.
  • Old Mutual Life Assurance Co.
  • PwC.
  • Real People (Pty) Ltd.
  • SAS Institute Inc.
  • Standard Bank.
  • SunGard.
  • The Foschini Group
  • XDS (Pty) Ltd.