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Even thought the NWU Botanical Garden spans less than three hectares, more than a 1500 plant species and a variety of animals and insects can be found in this garden. Most of the plants in the Botanical Garden are indigenous with the exception of a few exotic plants which are of botanical or educational value. A section of the garden, around a man-made ridge, is managed as a natural veld garden while the rest of the garden is more intensively managed. A variety of theme gardens make up the rest of the NWU Botanical Garden, including the Swamp Garden, Vlei Garden, Formal Indigenous Garden, Invader Display, Evolution Garden and Succulent Rockery.



The plant collections in the Botanical Garden are mainly focused on indigenous plants from the North-West Province as well as plants used for research and educational purposes. A few plant genera represented in the garden include Acacia, Aloe, Bonatea, Crinum, Dierama, Encephalartos, Eucomis, Eulophia, Euphorbia, Gasteria, Haworthia, Hypoxis, Kniphofia, Plectranthus, Podocarpus, Scadoxus and Zantedeschia to mention but a few.

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Index seninum

No index seminum is currently available. Institutions are however welcome to inquire about the availability of seed.

List of indigenous plants ideal for Potchefstroom

List of hardy plants for Potchefstroom
During the last decades the following plants have proved their hardiness in Potchefstroom's extreme climate. These indigenous plants should do well in private gardens in Potchefstroom and surrounds. 

Birds found in the NWU Botanical Garden

Bird list of the NWU Botanical Garden, Potchefstroom
The following birds have been spotted in the Botanical Garden during the last few decades.