What is Botany?

Plants form the bridge between the biosphere and its energy source, the sun. Plants are furthermore the source of oxygen, food, fossil and recent fuel, fibre, medicine and building material. Plants, such as cut flowers, are cultivated and planted for their esthetical value. Studies in the basic structure, identification, classification and functioning of plants, their interaction with other organisms and the environment, as well as applied aspects of the subject field, are crucial building blocks in the training of botanists and environmental scientists.  Botanists occupy themselves with the most fundamental questions and needs of humans and animals and are sought after in fields such as: biosystematics, botanical research, ecology, ecotoxicology, biochemistry, agriculture, nature conservation, management of botanical gardens, environmental management, education, pest control, freshwater and marine research, horticulture, crop production, biotechnology, plant cultivator, greenhouse management, rehabilitation and water purifying.

Botany consists of the following subjects:

  • Plant structure, Cytology, morphology and anatomy
  • Biodiversity and environmental botany
  • Plant genomics
  • Flora of South Africa (Plant systematics and phytogeography)
  • Plant physiology
  • Plant ecology
  • Plant ecology: tourism