Undergraduate Study: 3 year BSc (Baccalaureus Scientiae)

The study period for a BSc degree is 3 years full time.  We offer comprehensive market related degrees, which combine the subject groups of Chemistry, Biochemistry and Physics into various programmes ranging from Chemistry and Physics to Physics and Applied Mathematics.  Each programme is compiled according to our stringent quality standards to ensure that your study with us will meet international standards and expectations.  To read more about the curricula we offer, please refer to our yearbook or brochure. 


Postgraduate Study

Furthering your study: Completing an Honours, MSc or PhD degree
The benefits of completing an honours degree will enable you to further your study to an MSc, and later a PhD.  It also offers you a deeper level of knowledge and experience pertaining to your study programme which will prove beneficial to your future employer.  Completing an honours degree will allow you to register as a Professional Natural Scientist at the South African Council for Natural Scientific Professions.
Our MSc and PhD students that work on our innovation technological projects practise their knowledge and skills to meet international standards that are applicable over a wide spectrum.  Doctorate students work as lecturers and researchers at other universities, space scientists in California or computer technologists in New York.  There is a need for qualified scientists in the chemical and physical field worldwide.

This school has produced some excellent students and enjoys the benefit of having experts among its academic staff.  Please see our NWU Experts section.  Applying for a Postgraduate qualification will allow you to work in conjunction with the Laboratories, Research Centres and Units within this school and as well as our innovative technologies.




Download our Postgraduate Yearbook.