Radio Astronomy Group

The radio astronomy group of the Centre for Space Research carry out astronomical research using radio astronomy facilities like the HartRAO 26m telescope, MeerKAT, ALMA, VLA, and various very long baseline interferometric (VLBI) array in the world. A bulk of the research activities in the group focuses on the study of high-mass star formation at radio wavelegnths, however, complementary data from other wavelengths are also included.


Group Members:

James O. Chibueze (Group Lead), Johan van der Walt, Jean-Marie Morgan, Mavis Seidu, Thabiso Mgwambane, Andrews Dzodzomenyo, Andrea Nel, Job Vorster, Dakalo G. Phuravhathu, Lebogang Mfulwane


Stefanus van den Heever (NWU), Marion West (SARAO), Gordon MacLeod (UWO), Ross Burns (NAOJ/KASI), Crystal Brogan (NRAO), Todd Hunter (NRAO)


  • Weekly seminar (Thursdays, 11:00 SAST via Zoom)
  • Weekly progress report (Fridays, 11:00 SAST via Zoom)



  1. MeerKAT Galactic Plane Survey (Mavis Seidu)
  2. ALMA study of massive young stellar object (James O. Chibueze)
  3. Modeling of maser excitation in star-forming regions (Johan van der Walt)
  4. VLBI study of gas spatio-kinematics in star-forming regions (Job Vorster)
  5. Millimeter studies of the impact of orientation effect on maser periodicity in massive star-forming cores (Jean-Marie Morgan)
  6. Maser periodicity in G358 massive protostar (Andrea Nel)
  7. History of accretion burst in protostars traced by associated masers (Andrews Dzodzomenyo)
  8. Maser periodicity study with single-dish monitoring observations using HartRAO 26m


Research output: