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All permanent employed researchers are full members of the Centre for Space Research (CSR).  Most CSR members are also part of the subject group Physics in the School of Physical and Chemical Sciences at the NWU. At the NWU the administration of all research related activities are grouped in centrums while all teaching duties are grouped into schools.


BSc (with Physics)

In the first study year students typically choose four subjects from



Computer Science,


Applied Mathematics and


In the second year three of these are continued.

In the third year two subjects are chosen as main subjects for a BSc Degree.




BSc (Hons)

In the forth year a BSc (Hons) degree can be obtained by continuing with one subject (in this case Physics).




MSc and PhD

In the fifth year students can subscribe to an MSc degree, during which research is done for the first time for a M.Sc. Dissertation.

As final completion of study, a PhD degree follows (taking three to four years) during which students do original research on a field of study.




All BSc (Hons), MSc and PhD students receive competitive bursaries or earn a salary as research associates. Limited BSc bursaries are also availiable.