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Representatives of the South Africa's North-West University and Viet Nam National Economics University signed the Memorandum of Understanding on November 17. - Photo SAS Institute

The launch of SAS Global Academic Program at National Economics University (NEU), formalized in a signing ceremony, witnessed by the State Bank of Vietnam and leaders from the banking industry. Prof Helgard Raubenheimer was at the signing of an MOU between NEU and North-West University (NWU) from South Africa, fostering closer academic exchange between the 2 universities.

Kevin Panman (left), BMI PhD student employed at Standard Bank, and Helgard Raubenheimer (right),
Associate Professor at the Centre for BMI, receive the award in London, United Kingdom.

On the 14th of June, at a glittering awards ceremony held at the Victoria Park Plaza (London, UK), a paper written by four South African researchers won the Paper of the Year award. This is awarded annually to an already published paper that has demonstrated an innovative approach to operational risk management, through mathematical and/or statistical analysis.

Top (from the left): Riad Gydien, Vice President - Middle East & Africa.
Prof Machiel Kruger, Head: SAS Advanced Analytics Lab and Professional Masters Programmes,
Centre for BMI. Prof Riaan de Jongh, Director: Centre for BMI

Opening of the SAS Advanced Analytics laboratory at BMI, NWU

The Kenya School of Monetary Studies (KSMS) held meetings with the NWU to negotiate a Memorandum  of Understanding. Here, from left, are Mr Murray de Villiers, Statistical Analysis System Institute’s  (SAS) general manager of Corporate Affairs, Prof Kinandu Muragu, executive director of KSMS, Prof Herman van Schalkwyk, vice-principal of the NWU and rector of the Potchefstroom Campus, and Prof Riaan de Jongh, director of the Centre for BMI.

Kenyans to partnerwith NWU’s BMI Centre

In die nuus.


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